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to be paid and all would be well. That was the
British idea of 1914. This out-of-date war
business was then to be cleared up once for all
by a mutual guarantee by all the more respectable
members of the club through a League of Nations.
There was no apprehension of any deeper
operating causes in that great convulsion on the
part of the worthy elder statesmen who made
the peace. And so Versailles and its codicils.
For twenty years the disruptive forces have
gone on growing beneath the surface of that
genteel and shallow settlement, and for twenty
years there has been no resolute attack upon the
riddles with which their growth confronts us.
For all that period the League of Nations has
been the opiate of liberal thought in the world.
To-day there is war to get rid of Adolf Hitler,
who has now taken the part of the Hohenzollerns
in the drama. He too has outraged the Club
Rules and he too is to be expelled. The war,
the Chamberlain-Hitler War, is being waged so
far by the British Empire in quite the old spirit.
It has learnt nothing and forgotten nothing.
There is the same resolute disregard of any more
fundamental problem.
Still the minds of our comfortable and influen-
tial ruling-class people refuse to accept' the plain
intimation that their time is over, that the